Our Polo Shirts: 

1. Ready-made    
2. Custom made  
3. Premium brand 
Our polo shirts are available in three main types: Ready-made, Custom made and Premium Brand. Choosing which type of the polo shirts is subjected to your own needs. Depending on the quantity, delivery lead time, budget, design types and other requirements given, we will propose the best solution that is suitable to you. Every group and company have their own requirements and we work closely with them to deliver the most ideal polo shirt for them. Whether it is for corporate giveaway gift, team bonding event for your staff or co-branding marketing for your brand, we have all the right solution for you.   

Ready-Made Polo Shirt

Lead Time: 1-4 weeks

MOQ: Flexible

Price: Low/Medium

Design Type: Limited choice

Quality: Average/Good

Prestige: Unbranded

Custom Design Polo Shirt

Lead Time: 4-10 weeks

MOQ: Min 100

Price: Medium

Design Type: Unlimited choice

Quality: Average/Good

Prestige: Unbranded

Premium Polo Shirt

Lead Time: 1-8 weeks

MOQ: Flexible

Price: Medium/High

Design Type: Limited choice

Quality: Good/Excellent

Prestige: Branded

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