As the saying goes, it may not be true that clothes make the man, but the first and often last impression of you is determined by the clothes you wear. What you wear can send a message to others of who you are, what you are doing, your occupation, your ambitions and even your emotions. Having a nicely fitted and smart looking shirt for your company staffs can project a positive image to your clients. Associating your company logo with a branded shirt can also project your company as a premium brand. 

Nike Polo with your company logo
At Nu Era, we understand corporate shirt is not just a piece of garment, it is a walking advertisement representing the company.  A well designed and smart corporate shirt will bring out the professionalism and the positive traits of the wearer. This will leave a positive and lasting good impression on the wearer's company. We have customised thousands of shirts for our satisfied clients and they are happy with the results. Let us know your corporate wear requirements and we will give you the best advice accordingly for your needs.  
Custom Made Polo Tee Shirt
You can easily custom made your own design polo tee shirt/ round tee or choose from our affordable ready stock polo tee shirts. Personalised polo-shirt from Nu Era is perfect for work, corporate events and even promotional gifts.
Custom Made Executive Wear
Custom made your corporate uniform with us. We provide customisation of executive wears for companies, schools and society. Our corporate uniforms will appeal to any organisation who want their staffs to project professional and smart looking image to their customer.
Branded Logo
Associating a premium branded polo shirt with your company logo can add prestige value to your company image. Impress your clients with your corporate Nike or Adidas polo shirt. Your clients will be wowed when you staffs are wearing the premium shirts.